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:iconchapin99pipe: or me :iconlucienofthedragons:

Stay out unless you have a strong enough will to refrain from nasty comments. Criticism is at home here so share.

Random Favourites

Wonderful work I wish I could draw. Ranges from traditional to digigtal to others. If I can there will be plenty of favorites on fanart from multiple games. I try to search daily but if you happen to see any (games like Onimusha, Final Fantasy, Drakengard 1&2, Arc the lad, The Bouncer, and so on) please tell em so I can fave them. I like fanart but I'm a tough critic about such. After all there is a reference unlike "original" work.

No like go away. I am the peddler and I do not like window shoppers..... or THIEVES!!!



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Lucien 'Leunam' Zeuqram
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I do for pleasure not for the many. Stay and watch or face the storm outside this shelter.

Rather easy to anger, selfish, loudmouthed, sarcastic, psychotic, insane, delusional, literal, and not at all social.

In short I am shy, socially awkward, and does not like conflict.

Also I HATE anyone who thinks anything about anything. (P.S. Haters stay away. If I meet you I am not shy to say I will skin you alive in public. LITERALLY)

Always on the offensive especially when a person does casual talk as if they know me. Side effect of cowards who bullied my until I hurt them real bad. :)

Yes I enjoy many things that may seem freaky or bizarre but so does everyone. Everything thing we do in real life is a fetish and such whether or not we know it. All that matters is that one accepts one's self.

Easy to confuse so add scatter brained to the list. Also a bit of a nerd upon various subjects.

RP characters: Lucien (go figure), Void, Vorpal, Alexander, The Marquis, and Vyre

Lucien- well he's me so ask. Aside from that, this individual is completely human which makes him vulnerable to just about anything. Sad but true thing is that this does not mean he is defenseless. Weapons are Creation and Destruction (Arcane and Enigma). Ground:
Choice or ???? (ask)

Void- a half demon individual that can warp reality around him. Magic/meele user but lacks control. Goes battle and standard RP's (if there is such a thing). Easily distracted with music.
Ground: Mountains

Vorpal- battle hardened warrior that is a mute. Perhaps the best for beginners in a battle. Loves to leave clues and plays games with victims. Uses standard bamboo sword.
Ground: Training Center

Alexander- Orphan and lonely individual. Enjoys talking about anything. Perhaps not the best for those seeking action although this character might seem interesting to those who enjoy subjects or talking strategies. Created as a passive version of the Marquis so knowledge is his power. Vomits at the sight of blood. Word of caution: twelve sided die and one trick pony Ground: Ancient Temple

The Marquis- original individual created at a young age. Keep in mind this character is completely battle based. Any action aside from battle causes this individual to grow rapidly bored. Has a sort of two sided soul as he often changes in the heat of battle his reactions. Worst thing to use against him would be electricity for its pure energy. Benders welcome! Ground: Field of Blood

Vyre- Dragon, female. Ask for details.

Extra: RP made by others

Manuel: One word. Insane.

Clown: (Also known as the Jester or the Cracker Loving ********************) Think parrot that never dies, never surrenders, never stops, and always plays bad puns/jokes/etc.

Note: I am no sideshow attraction and don't care if I get blocked or whatever you call it I will always find a way to bother the individual that is my target. Basically, either respect me or I will treat you like how I am treated.
And The Reason Why I Do Not Talk About Myself

I constantly run across people who have more skill in the tip of their pinky then I have in my whole body and it make me crumble. My will gets shattered like the most brittle glass ever crafted. I don't even know why I bother to lie to myself and say "I can make it.". Those people have been in their field since they dropped in the womb. Nah, most likely WHILE IN the womb.

I want to laugh hysterically to hide it all from myself but when I do I feel that blade pressing into my skin. The cold metal biting into my flesh and drawing blood. Enough to make me wake up and "forget" as if in a bad dream but in the back of my mind I know. Either that blade will thrust deep enough that I will not wake up or I will fall on that blade.

This is directly from my mind to the keyboard because my mind alters tings if not done right away.
  • Mood: Neutral

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